Sito personal lifting device – 2 in 1 lifting device

  • combines the functions of an elevating lifting device and an erecting lifting device
  • flexible and versatile aid
  • equipped with electrically adjustable elevating and/or erecting
    function and a manual width adjustment of the frame
  • mechanical emergency lowering

Modular concept

  • can be transformed quickly and without tools into an elevating or
    erecting lifting device, while the frame remains unchanged
  • simply order the lifting or upright arm in addition

Elevating mobile hoist

  • enables the comfortable raising of people, whether from a lying
    position in bed or a sitting position in a wheelchair
  • it is also possible to lift someone from the floor
  • helps nursing staff in many situations and protects the back

Stand-up hoist

  • helps the patient to stand up
  • supports nursing staff in daily
    tasks with the patient
  • offers the necessary safety
    thanks to careful movements
  • enables patient to stand up
    without putting stress on the back
  • makes a standing transfer possible
  • makes it easier to better dress and change people, e.g. for toilet
    use, nappy change, etc.
  • supports standing exercises for daily cardiovascular training and  for strengthening of the musculature and bones

Lifting arm conversion kit

  • convert your erecting lifting device to an elevating lifting device without tools

Upright arm conversion kit

  • convert your elevating lifting device to an erecting lifting device without tools
Lifting arm conversion kit
Bestell-Nr.: 8014117
Upright arm conversion kit
Bestell-Nr.: 8014119


Lift height (starting from
bracket, without belt):

min. 44 cm
max. 177 cm

Total height
(cantilever above):

207 cm

Frame dimensions:

Length: 123 cm
Outer width: 63,5 cm

with spread frame (outer):

92 cm
Height: 11 cm
Emergency lowering: mechanical
Battery: 2 x 12 V, 7,2 Ah

sealed lead-gel rechargeable
for hoist motor:

24 V, 4A
Material: steel, powder-coated
Colour: RAL 9006
Safety class: IPX 4


Standard front: 7,5 cm double castors
Standard rear: 7,5 cm single castors, lockable


Sito elevating lifting device: 42,5 kg
Sito erecting lifting device: 49 kg
Lifting arm: 6,5 kg
Upright arm: 5 kg

Shin pads + footplate:

7 kg
Battery: 6 kg
Load capacity: max. 160 kg

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