• equipped as standard with white seat with opening in the middle
  • padded, closed seat cover and commode container
  • 5 wheels, rear wheels with brake function
  • also available with central brake for front wheels
  • removable backrest armrests can be folded down (automatically lock into place when pulled up)
  • can be positioned over commercially available toilets
  • can clear heights of 415 mm (without commode container)
Seat width
between armrests:
600 mm
Depth: 965 mm
Min. length:

620 mm

Height: 990 mm
Seat depth: 400 mm
Seat height: 510* / 490 mm
Weight: 15 kg
Weight limit: 160 kg

*with cover panel

HCDA mobile commode
Bestell-Nr.: HCDA
60 cm seat cover for HCDA XXL (can be retrofitted)
Bestell-Nr.: 8375924
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